Situated in Rajendra Patna, Tender Hearts International School presents a platform for all those who seek a contemporary education for their children. The infrastructure of our institution is fashioned around the optimum growth of children during their academic years.

Furthermore, holistic education is the fulcrum of Tender Hearts International. The Sports and Performing Arts curriculum ensures the overall development of our students. Here, sports activities include swimming, basketball, and gymnastics. In addition, we focus on performance-based activities like dance, music, and drama to enhance the personalities of our students.

The school boasts of a world-class infrastructure with state of the art laboratories, Wifi campus, large playground, swimming pool, indoor activity room with soccer table, well-equipped shooting range, air-conditioned auditorium fitted with the latest audio-video mechanism, spacious smart boards enabled classrooms with comfortable furniture, etc.

To sum up, we Enthuse, Enlighten and Empower: The three strong pillars that define who we are, our beliefs and our commitment towards growth and focus.

Enthuse: We aim to create future leaders through our commitment to learning and imparting education that encourages students to think out of the box. We believe in inspiring and creating enthusiasm through our learning-centric approach based on new-age teaching methodology.

Enlighten: Our constant endeavor is to challenge the normal and go beyond the ordinary. We aspire to guide our students in finding the special quality that helps them stand apart. For this, we bring on board the future-forward educational curriculum that is based on the best international practices. We combine the power of learning and individual skill sets, which we believe are the core of a rightful identity of any creative being.

Empower: We understand a school is a place for imbibing knowledge and learning through fascinating experiences. We provide opportunities for our students, which are a perfect blend of curricular and co-curricular studies such as cultural and sports education. We take pride in our teacher/student ratio of 1:10, which ensures individual attention and therefore the quality of learning.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)