Day Schooling

Day School

At Tender Heart International,we shall be providing the day school for local residents. To facilitate the transportation, there will be Buses plying on all major routes of the city.

Extended Day School

Extended day school has been designed for optimum utilization of quality time of the children.

The students under this program will be getting additional 3-4 hrs wherein the students

  • Will be provided with proper lunch from the school cafeteria.
  • Will be provided with separate lockers to facilitate the change into Sports/Hobbies Club rig from the school uniform.
  • A variety of field games namely Football, Cricket, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Indoor Gymnastics and Swimming are aimed to be conducted during the extended hours, to help inculcate team spirit, competitiveness, self-esteem and organizing abilities.
  • The activity sheets in various subjects are aimed to be completed in the extended hours eliminating the requirement of homework.

The quality time available to the children can be utilised for project work and other social activities with the parents,which will help cementing the family bonds.